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Issue #1: REAL

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Top Coat Zine Issue #1 call for submissions!

DEADLINE EXTENDED to Saturday May 20 midnight EST. If you submit after that, you may be in the next issue.

The theme is REAL. Real as in real life, real like you can touch it, real like the algorithm wouldn't get it, real like you're worried about your boss seeing it. (Don't worry, your boss probably isn't part of this. Or maybe, like you, they are also submitting some really intense stuff. Either way you're good.)

You can submit one of three ways:

1. Join the Discord and submit to the zine-submissions channel.
2. Email your submission to
3. Drop your file(s) into this Dropbox folder.

Please include the name you'd like to be credited as (if any) and if you'd like to be credited next to your work or in the back of the zine. If you wish to remain anonymous, please include the word anonymous somewhere in your email or file name.

Your submission(s) can be as dark, light, weird, mainstream, off-putting or light as you'd like.

Here are some ideas for what to submit (please note this will be all black and white, so if you submit color art, collages, photos etc, please bear in mind it will be in black and white in the final zine):

  • poems, photos, illustrations, collages
  • questions to be answered by our zine advice columnist
  • personal essays
  • song lyrics
  • QR codes for digital art or music
  • classifieds (seeking a date, looking for a new friend who is also into knitting their own socks or making fresh pasta, looking for a friend who also lives in rural Arkansas? Put it in the zine, anonymously, and see if anyone replies by the next issue!)

Top Coat Zine is a real, physical thing that shows up in the mail to you. This will be a monthly zine. 

Questions? Email