Paste Magazine by Miranda Wollen
"'Someway, Somehow' starts soft and fuzzy...Carroll’s harmonies crash atop each other like waves...a chorus of thunderous electric guitars as Carroll’s voice belts out an admission of her own helplessness...brash and rough and imploring, a love letter couched in punky instrumentals and intimate production."
Atwood Magazine by Chloe Robinson
"Her palpable raw emotion pushes over daring dance-pop beats. That juxtaposition of angst atop glittery, feel-good backdrops makes for highly compelling pieces. [Bull In A China Shop] has that same luminous passion she is known to portray."
Earmilk by Victoria Polsely
"Musically, 'Bull In A China Shop' is a thrilling, quirky and sonically unique arrangement"
Metal Magazine by David Alarcón
"Party Nails knows what she wants and is determined to achieve it"
1st Day Fresh by scottlovesmusic 
"Bull In A China an irresistible experimental pop meets electronic bop"
B-Side Guys
"Like Party Nails herself, [Bull In A China Shop] embodies an intriguing balance of strength and vulnerability, merging the darkness of the subject matter with an infectious, uplifting production...a multifaceted artist unafraid to bare her soul"
PAPER by Alessandra Schade
"Like U" is reminiscent of '90s and early-2000s rave music, with bright synths, driving bass and high-octane hooks"
We Found New Music by Grant Owens
"A riveting musical catalogue complete with upbeat dance pop singles as well as emotive ballads"
American Songwriter by Matt Wallock 
"You Don’t Have To Go Home But You Can’t Stay Here is an emotionally raw, sonically varied collection of pop songs"
Ladygunn by Chris Hess
"The Spotify playlist is leading to a pandering homogenization in feels a little like we are pouring primary colors into a big funnel and getting a less vibrant ‘blend of the same’ on the other end. This is why it feels ever more important to note the courage Elana Belle Carroll had in recording her unapologetically frenetic album, ‘You Don’t Have To Go Home But You Can’t Stay Here’."
The Line of Best Fit by Pip Williams
"Party Nails – aka Los Angeles-based New Yorker Elana Belle Carroll – is the punchy pop act of your dreams"
EQ Music Blog by Mandy Rogers
"I really have not heard a finer example of this kind of retro in synth aesthetic style on an album this year, than “Past Lives and Paychecks.”
Glass Factory by Casey Fitz Maurice
“A cross between Grimes and Tegan & Sara”
Ear Milk by Chloe Robinson
“Party Nails has…something for everyone”
Riff Magazine by Mike Dewald 
“Los Angeles’ Party Nails opened the [K. Flay] concert with an impressive set of '80s-influenced alt-pop with an almost pop-punk sensibility. The attention-grabbing set kicked off strong and only got better throughout as the singer quickly won over the audience with a dry wit, personable stage presence and bouncy and infectious songs full of smart lyricism.”
Noisey by Andrea Domanick
"Kind of sounds like if Carly Rae Jepsen fronted a New Wave band that made songs for John Hughes films."
Phoenix New Times by Howard Hardee
"Party Nails Is Using Pop Songs to Blossom Into Her 'Full, Colorful Self'"
Indie Band Guru by Kelsey Radomski
“Her stylistic choices in music production (and in fashion) make her a shimmering pop princess with attitude
Global Texan Chronicles by Walter Price
“Individualized wordsmithery that’s not only all things sympathetic, encouraging, cynical, and sincere… its the fact that this set’s verses are undeniably relatable and tactile as well”
Chicago Music News
“Don’t underestimate Party Nails! She may be petite and have a sweet voice, but she is a force to be reckoned with when she takes the stage. A connection with the crowd was immediately established as she talked to concert-goers like they were long-time friends. Her stage presence was fantastic. She got down on the stage to sing to those in the front row, went into the crowd during one of her songs, and even got everyone to sing happy birthday to someone named Alex!”
Atwood Magazine Interview by Chloe Robinson 
“Party Nails is more than just an exceptional songwriter. Writing and delivering vocals for Battle Tapes, Getter, MitiS as well as producing and engineering other artists, she has built a reputation as a multi-talented force in today’s industry.”
Indie Central Music
Exquisite vocal writing and delivery.”
Neon Gold
"A revelatory vocal that brings to mind the glittering incantations of HAIM as reimagined through a Scandinavian pop filter."