Top Coat Zine Issue 2: WEIRD (August 2023)

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Issue #2: WEIRD is out! Printing and mailing ran late due to Party Nails being on tour, but rest assured if you have subscribed via Patreon, or if you were told on tour you'd be receiving a copy, you'll be receiving your copy momentarily (they are en route via USPS as this is being typed.)

Issue #1: REAL is out! This first issue is free to anyone who submitted work and provided their mailing address, or whose mailing address was already in the Party Nails contact system. About 200 were sent out, and another 100 were passed out on tour.



We accept submissions on a rolling basis. If your work does not "fit" our current theme, it will be in a subsequent issue. Our next issue's theme will be TRASH. To be in Issue #3: TRASH, please submit by September 15.

Top Coat Zine is entirely black and white. Bear this in mind when submitting.

You can submit one of three ways:

1. Join the Discord and submit to the zine-submissions channel.
2. Email your submission to
3. Drop your file(s) into this Dropbox folder.

Please include the name you'd like to be credited as (if any) in the back of the zine. If you wish to remain anonymous, that's okay too.

Your submission(s) can be as dark, light, weird, mainstream, off-putting or light as you'd like.

    Questions? Email



    Top Coat Zine is a monthly, printed physical place for art, words, illustrations, photography, questions, missed connections, poetry, events, QR codes to digital art and songs. In an age of algorithmic curation, it is especially important to hold something like a zine in our hands, to absorb the creations of others, without statistics or credits next to them. Just experiencing humanness in art changes us and connects us. Art matters. Community matters.

    Top Coat Zine is edited by Elana Carroll aka Party Nails, an LA-based musician-producer-performer-artist-composer-person. After a notable shift in social media connectivity in 2020—from a way to interact and connect with an audience to being fed attention-grabbing posts from accounts we don't even follow—Carroll started thinking about new ways to connect. Zines are nostalgic, sure, but Party Nails isn't the first musician to start one in 2023, and she won't be the last!